Release news Naviate for Revit

Naviate Architecture June Release 2023.1.1

Updates in Naviate Architecture. Highlights include improvements to the user interface, and updates to Door and Window like Swing&Count, Unique Identifier and IFC Operation.

Naviate Architecture June Release 2023.1.1

Changes is available in version 2023.1.1

User Interface

Re-worked and regrouped Naviate Architecture Ribbon to reduce clicks to find and use Naviate features.

We have made the following changes:

  • Grouped tools into smaller panels based on the category the tools affect, for better experience when finding the features in the Ribbon
  • Placed often used features as buttons in the Ribbon panels instead of as an item in a pull-down list
  • Use Split buttons instead of pull-down menus that allow starting the first tool directly without opening the pull-down menu
  • Remember the last used feature for some split buttons where applicable

Door and Window

Support for Independent configuration and update of Unique Identifier and Swing&Count data on elements

We have made the following improvements:

  • Now you can individually run and configure the update of Unique Identifier and/or Swing&Count on your Doors and Windows, providing more control and flexibility when updating and keeping track of Door and Window data.
  • We have added the possibility to add any updater to the Quick Access Toolbar to access the desired updater without running Update Project feature.

Improved performance

By creating individual updaters and improving the code we have significantly reduced the time needed to update the Door/Window data.

Door and Window Swing&Count

Merged Swing Direction and Type parameter settings in one dialog for better experience

You are now able to update and control both Swing Direction, Swing Count and Type Count parameters in one dialog box, we have removed dependencies between Swing direction and Type parameter update by merging the settings into one UI and one updater.

Improved UI/UX when configuring Original Swing Direction and Type parameters

We have made the following changes:

  • Improved the user experience when configuring the Original Swing Direction on elements by replacing the drop-down configuration with a one-click checkbox configuration
  • Provided better overview of selected phases

Added support to be able to define Original Swing Direction as "Unconfigured"

You are now able to set the Original Swing Direction as Unconfigured on any Door/Window family, setting “Unconfigured” as a value on the selected parameter.

Added option to define Swing Code for "Ignored" doors/windows

You are now able to define the Swing code for Doors/Windows with Original Swing Direction marked as “Ignored”.

Door and Window Unique Identifier

Improved UI/UX when configuring Unique Identifier

We have made the following improvements:

  • Rearranged and grouped settings in the UI based on the action they perform
    (Parameter selection -> Preview Settings -> Update settings)
  • Improved selection of Unique Identifier parameters
  • Enabled Department and Level Code settings only when related parameters are selected
  • Added the To Room/From Room setting to the UI

Added support for using Room data from same phases as Doors/Windows when updating Unique Identifier

You can now use data from Rooms created in the same phases as the Doors/Windows.

Added possibility to define from which Phases to update Doors/Window UIDs

You are now able to update Unique Identifier on Doors/Windows created in specific phases. You will also be able to include or exclude temporary Doors/Windows from update.

Door and Window IFC Operation

Moved to IFC tools in Naviate Accelerate to make it part of the IFC workflow

You can now access the Door & Window Operation tools from the IFC Utilities found in Naviate Accelerate.

Improved User Interface

We have made the following improvements:

  • Refreshed IFC Operation Preview Images
  • Improved Preview image resolution
  • Cleaner list view look
  • More responsive list view controls


  • Reorder Doors & Windows: Fixed issue with inconsistent order of elements when reordering
  • Door & Window Drawings: Fixed UI/UX issue when selecting "empty" Door/Window schedules
  • Door & Window Drawings: Support for showing the same order of elements as defined in the selected schedule
  • Create Coverings: Fixed issue when elements with same type name are present in the element type selection drop-down
  • Pattern Editor: Fixed issue when selecting pattern lines
  • Import Point Files: Fixed issue when placing Survey Point Markers